Ruby Pendant and Brooches & Pin 18k 22k 24k Thai Baht Yellow Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Stones Jewelry

  • Pendant ,Brooches & Pin 24K THAI BAHT YELLOW GP GOLD Ruby and Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
    All gold plated jewelry was sent directly to us from the manufacturer in Bangkok
    This Unique Jewelry Is Bronze Coated With Pure Gold Looks Just Like Solid Gold
    This purity (96.5%) is simply unavailable in the Western World Sourced by us in Bangkok, Thailand.
    Approx weight 27 Grams Wide 5 CM Length include clasp 8 cm

This jewelry item is not solid gold. Stunning Ruby & Cubic Zirconia stones with beautiful faceting. Plated in high karat gold this jewelry item is a worthy addition to any quality jewelry collection. Each piece contains a delightful hand set precious stone simulant (Cubic Zirconia) The delicate detail through out and the affordable price makes this item the perfect choice to gift yourself or the one you love. Our jewelry is unique since it is still made by hand by Thai craftsmen. Enjoy the beautiful deep, rich color of Thai high Karat Baht gold without spending a fortune. Long lasting genuine high karat gold plate will look good for years with little care. We continue to sell our product on Amazon for less than the price one would pay in Bangkok. This item is another example of exquisite Thai craftsmanship. Meticulously detailed 18K, 23K and 24K plated gold jewelry. No one will know it’s not solid gold with precious gemstones …unless you tell them! Not found in the United States. Sourced by us in Bangkok, Thailand.


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